Dam-FunkThis past Friday, the MFAH was hype for a performance from Dãm-Funk that included lyricism, singing, DJing, a mini Korg set and a lot of dancing. Throughout the night, the crowd swelled until that precious moment before the first beat. Anticipation was palpable. And Dãm (pronounced dame) didn’t disappoint.

He started his set with  “All the way live” from Lakeside and took Houstonians on a groove-ride of the funk, calling out years of songs as we progressed through time. He danced with us, he grooved with us, he sang to us, and he gave us control of the music by extending his mini Korg into the crowd for an impromptu melody from the fans. Missed it? Want to re-live it? I took video for you (because I love you):


The FlatBut, the party didn’t stop there. Dãm ended his set with a voice bending announcement to head to The Flat for the after party. The already packed Montrose lounge quickly reached capacity, forcing the club to install the one-out, one-in policy. Patrons wimpered and whined a bit, but in the end, they knew what lied behind those doors. And they wanted in. DJs Klinch and Dayta had the house bumpin’ with that good-good hip-hop and R&B. About 30 minutes till closing, Dãm-Funk asked to join in and stepped up to the decks. Bonus surprise set!? Yes. Please. He eased in with hip-hop and rocked out with the funk. Another bonus was seeing Texas-native (now based out of Nashville) country-folk singer songwriter, Robert Ellis in the crowd. See if you can spot him:

Dam Funk, The Flat Dam Funk, The Flat Dam Funk, The Flat Dam Funk, The Flat

 Speaking for myself (and probably more than a few of the lucky folks that saw Dãm-Funk perform), I can honestly say this was one of the best nights of my life. Dãm-Funk is an artist, musician and true entertainer.  Never pass up a chance to see him play. Cause, you never know…it might turn out to be one of the best nights of your life too.

Dam Funk & Lauren Ignited

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