If you haven’t heard of the Soul Summit DJs, then let me be the one to introduce you! These guys bring the funkiest of funk makers to the Chicago music scene via a monthly party they like to call the Soul Summit. If you love going to concerts in Chicago, then these guys need to be on your radar. Here’s a little story about how they got started:

…in late 2009 after walking around the city and seeing numerous flyers for soul nights. An idea formed. Why not have one night with a delegate from each soul group/crew to celebrate the different types of early soul sounds currently being represented in the city? The idea sprang into action and soon we had three ‘residents’, Dave Matta, Duke Grip, and Sloppy White. With these three DJs at the core, we also included a rotating roster of guests each month. The original purpose was to challenge attendees with different sounds and to not have a solidified format. Most important, the night is not about the guests but above all the music. With no preference to ‘rare’ records but records aimed for the dance floor regardless of how rare or common. Soul Summit is not about a ‘scene’ or alienation. We encourage all people from walks of life to come listen and celebrate early soul music. Join us every 3rd Saturday night of the month at the Double Door in Wicker Park.

They’ve hosted artists like DJ Maseo, Peanut Butter Wolf, Prince Paul, Supreme La Rock, Windy City Soul Club, Monk One and many more. This month, the Soul Summit DJs–aka Sloppy White, Dave Mata, and Duke Grip–pulled together a few of their favorite tracks for the Lauren Ignited family! The only way to get it is to be on the Lauren Ignited Family newsletter list. Are you in?

Connect with the Soul Summit DJs on Facebook, and YouTube. Don’t forget! They have a  FREE party coming up on December 17th.

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