LiliKThis month, the Ignited Family received a curated playlist from Lili K! At 25, Lili is a vocal phenomenon! Born in Milwaukee WI, Lili is now based in Chicago and has firmly planted herself on the scene at Jazz Clubs around the area. No Surprise there. She has been born with a gift–and that gift is a bonafide natural Jazz voice. A rare thing indeed and hugely evident on every single track included on her new album “Ruby.” Recorded in Chicago and available for purchase on or on iTunes, “Ruby” takelili-k-ruby-album-artwork-tracklists us on a journey, with the versatility, originality, and striking richness of D’Angelo’s first album “Brown Sugar.”

But before you rush out the door or scramble to your laptop to purchase this gem, join the Ignited Family (info below) or search through your email to find this month’s Ignited Family newsletter if you already are a member (email was sent out on July 1st) and enjoy Lili’s playlist. Because guess what? We are also giving away a copy of “Ruby,” a Festival T-shirt (perfect for Lollapalooza) from JandL City and stickers!

Here’s a sneak peek into her playlist. We are sharing one song with you to give you an idea of the songs she has selected EXCLUSIVELY for the Ignited Fam!

After all, a woman with a talent as bold as this has to know her music! You’re going to LOVE her curated playlist! Big thanks to Lili for being a part of Lauren Ignited and sharing a few songs with us that are keeping her inspired!

Connect with Lili K on twitter, facebook and instagram. To join the Ignited Family, just keep scrolling on until you see the sign-up form, or look to the right side bar for the sign-up form! XOXO

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