CHOSEN FEW PICNICThis weekend was the 26th Annual Chosen Few Picnic, now being dubbed the Chosen Few Festival. This year marks the first year the event has expanded from a one to two day event. As I arrived, I saw hundred of Chicago House Heads unloading their cars. Out came camping chairs; wagons of snacks, food and drinks; bags of ice; blankets; grills and more. The line to get in went down the block and around it as far as the naked eye could see.

As I made my way in, I hopped in a golf cart with Jesse Saunders and Lehia Franklin Acox, the Media Coordinator for the event. We wove our way through gates and within moments had pulled up behind the main stage. I spotted some friends from Houston, Brotha Jibril and his wife, and excitedly danced my way over to them. We interviewed Jesse Saunders (video to come) and rejoiced collectively over the fact that we were both finally here. Personally, I had been making plans for this festival for the past ten years and things (aka life) kept getting in the way. One year, I was actually outside the festival–I was there–RIGHT THERE. But, I had to leave. So, needless to say, this was an great day for me, personally. And a big check off the life to-do list.

Throughout the day, I was reminded why Chicago drew me in from my first visit: House Heads are the best people on the planet. Hands down. There’s not many festivals you can attend that everyone is kind to you, happy to see you and interested in talking to you. More than one person stopped me to ask why I was taking pictures and hear more about my story. The vibe is pure, and full of love. And it’s one I cherish as a new Illinois resident.

The fashion at the festival was gorgeous. I snapped a few pics as I made my way through the crowd, enjoy!

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