Share your culinary story with the world

Chefs C2C 7From the Gulf Coast to the Gold Coast, Lauren Ignited talks with Chefs and Owners of Hometown Hero Restaurants to find out what goes on behind the kitchen doors and how they make the dishes we love.

Listen to Past Episodes to hear what we’ve been up to! Past guests on the show include The Breakfast Klub, Pi Pizza HTX, Peli Peli, Found Kitchen and more!

What we will talk about:
  • Your personal journey and the restaurant’s evolution
  • Your favorite personal recipe that you don’t make at the restaurant
  • A recipe listeners can make at home
  • The first recipe that you made that flopped, and what you did to make it better
  • Inside scoops or future plans
  • What it’s like to run a restaurant
  • What you love most about your city
  • What song best describes the feeling of your restaurant
  • What your recipe for success is
The Audience:
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  • We have an online magazine and are active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (all accounts are “LaurenIgnited”)
  • We have a once monthly email that garners a 25-30% open rate consistently
What you need:
  • Access to a Google Chrome browser on a laptop with a built-in microphone
  • Strong internet connection
  • A quiet space (Important!)
  • Earbuds & a USB microphone would make a world of difference, but they are not necessary
What happens after the interview?
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  • You will become podcast famous! (Ok. maybe we can’t promise that, but we can try!)