photo (5)We caught up with FPSF artist, Buxton, just after their show on the Mars Stage. There was a nice sized crowd gathered around the main stage, ready to soak up the sun and the sounds of Buxton. Read on to hear what Sergio Trevino (Vocals/Guitar), Jason Willis (Guitar/Mandolin) and Austin Sepulvado (Guitar/Vocals) of Buxton have to say about the folk-rock band movement, their music and Houston.

Lauren Ignited: So I want to talk to you guys about the folk rock band movement that’s going on right now. Obviously you’ve been doing this since before it was big do how do you feel about the trend and how do you think Buxton fits into that overall?
Buxton: It’s actually really scary cause we’ve been doing this style for 9 years now. Now thats it’s catching on, we don’t want to feel like we are jumping on a trend. So we are trying to dissociate ourselves from the trend. At heart that’s what we do but we want to make a statement that we are not Mumford and sons. We appreciate what they do, but it’s not at all what we do.

LI: Was that part of the reason your latest album is more rock heavy?
B: Yeah. I always tell  people tha think we are a folk band, I tell them you should see us live. It’s not like that live. It’s more like Americana. ….next album, all bets are off. Like it should be to the point where I don’t want to touch the mandolin, banjo. It’s very easy to see a guy on stage with a banjo and say, oh it’s a blue grass band. We don’t want to be a blue grass band. But at the same time we don’t want to be pigeon holed either. We think its a good thing to be diverse and step back and forth between genres and reach fans on both (3)

LI: What’s up for the summer
B: We are on tour this month in Georgia playing a festival and demoing some new songs for  our next record. Tour this fall and that’s about it. Yeah, just working on our next record.

LI: What do you love most about Houston
B: I really like the tenacity of the city. I feel like the city is kinda unsatisfied with itself and tries to get better. Not like …how Austin says, we are cool. Yeah we’re weird, keep it weird. like Houston has something to prove and we are gonna do what we can. People ask us, ‘Hey, how’s Houston?’ but, there’s probably nothing I could say to that person to convince them to come. We have great museums, great bars , kick ass Vietnamese …but nobody wants to come to a city just to eat some food. It’s culturally photo (4)diverse and spread out. It’s a plus and a downside. If I want to get out of town, you can do that without a very long commute. I love Houston. All these people are starting things in Houston and …I like the diversity of the music scene, lots of good bands coming up, getting recognized.  It’s a cohesive scene. It wasn’t always like that. We like playing with bands that are different than us and almost everybody in a band in Houston is willing to work with another band. There’s a competitiveness, but a really productive competitiveness. I don’t feel like there’s a lot of animosity between bands.

Buxton will be on tour this summer and working hard on their next album, but you can still connect with them on the web, facebook, and twitter

All images taken by Lauren Ignited.

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