Looking for new music to enjoy this weekend? Look no further than Mimes of Wine’s brand new album that dropped today: La Maison Verte. Haven’t heard of Mimes of Wine yet? Let me be the first to introduce you. The band was founded in 2008 by singer and pianist Laura Loriga, born in Bologna, Italy. She travels between Bologna and New York. Living the dream!

Roberta+group+1This is her third album, and her second with band members Stefano Michelotti (nychelharpa, accordion, dan-bau, shruti box and more), Matteo Zucconi (stand-up bass, pedals), Luca Gugliemlino (guitar), and Riccardo Frisari (drums).  The contribution of these musicians had been precious both in the arrangement of the songs and during the year long tour that followed the release. The band has worked collectively to arrange the album, with the songs all written by Laura herself.

Check out one of the songs from her full album, “Birds of a Feather,” below.

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