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What do Podcasts, Vocal Jazz, and Thanksgiving Have in Common?

The Ignited team is super thankful to the amazing listeners, like you who tune in and support the show. We will continue to bring amazing stories of how music and food effects the lives of those we are interviewing, and also our own lives. We can't express how grateful we…
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DJ Chaney Talks Soul Music, Food, The Vegas Shooting, and Saxo Jungle

I was connected to DJ Chaney through the producer for the Ignited Podcast: DJ Kendrick. From the moment I started talking with Chaney, I was drawn into his energy. He has an upbeat and energized demeanor that just makes you feel like everything is weird, but also A-OK. He smiles…
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Brunch by Day, Burgers By Night: An Interview with the co-owner of WHISK

“There are good days. There are bad days. And there are crappy days,” says chef and owner of Whisk, Son of a Butcher, and soon to open Point and Feather, Rick Rodriguez. Rick sat down with the Ignited team to chat through the story of Son of a Butcher, the…
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