I will find just about any excuse to have dinner and drinks at Beaver’s, a casual and creative culinary retreat just off Washington. So, when I found out that they were hosting a 4th of July patio party, and that two of my favorite Houston DJs Kung Fu Pimp and Smooth Operator were supplying the tracks, I already knew I was going to be there! The day party was full of fun and laughter, good music, delicious drinks and of course, amazing food. At one point I was nearly caught in the cross fire of a super soaker between friends…and later I played in the bubble machine. Yes, sometimes, it’s ok to be a kid! And with our friends and photogs Trish Badger and Jeremy Keas (who also doubled as DJ Smooth Operator) in the crowd, it wasn’t long before a photo shoot popped up. Even on an iphone these two are amazing!!

Full Lauren Ignited photo coverage here.


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